Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tomato trick

I know, it is far too early in season to enjoy tomatoes, but sometimes I just can't wait..... So I use a trick:
Drizzle with olive oil, mix with sliced garlic and thyme sprigs, season well with freshly ground pepper and sea salt
and roast them in the oven on 180 ÂșC  for about 25 minutes.  Eat with roasted bell-peppers and buffalo-mozarella
and think about summer!

{Photo by Leonoor Ottink}


You can actually order a kit to build one yourselves. I wonder what Steve would have said...

Friday, March 30, 2012

Waiting for the ball...

Freddie, my Parsons Jack Russel Terrier, absolutely in love with tennis balls....

{Photo: Joran Spakman}

Modern Cooking: Diana Henry

I have my own repertoire of favorite no-fuss recipes, but this book by Diana Henry really is an inspiration!
Just like from her book "Crazy water, pickled lemons",  I want to cook EVERYTHING that's in it. 

{Photo via}

Real classics

Oh, how I wish my mother had never thrown away any of her shoes or clothes...

{Photo via}
I am not much of a happy camper, but I just love these tents!